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Our factory locates in Dawukou Industrial Zone, Shizuishan, Ningxia.We have5 set calcining furnace, and we can supply 30000MT/year with more than15 of type of Carbon additive (C content from 85% to 99%). Especiallyproduction of Calcined Anthracite Coal ,Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal , all of our raw materials are famous high quality Ningxia Taixi washed Anthracite Coal, it is famous for high fixed carbon, low Sulfur, low Ash. our product has advantage of low sulfur、hydrogen oxygen、nitrogen content.

we have a lot of Good quality Administrators, experienced and professional technicians, and our seriously skilled workers and our whole strict quality control system, and also our good quality production equipment and highquality raw materials.

All- of our products are good quality and are widely sold in the domestic and international markets.We are enjoyed high reputation for our good quality and satisfied service.

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